AppA Integration Reference

Within your project, AppA is implemented as an instance of the AppA class. By setting certain properties to this instance, you may customize its behavior and appearance. Two required properties (appaAccessCode and appaAppID) are used to identify your app and account to the server. The others are optional.

For more information - and to view an example that uses these properties - please see the Integration Guide.

Required Properties

  • appaAccessCode (NSString) Required
    • The Access Code used to identify you to AppA. This may be obtained from the Settings section of the AppA web site.
  • appaAppID (NSString) Required
    • The Apple ID associated with the app. This may be obtained from iTunes Connect or (after your app has been added) from the app editor.

Optional Properties

  • appaNavigationTitle (NSString)
    • A custom title to use for the AppA navigation bar.
  • appaCustomBackgroundView (UIView)
    • A custom background UIView. Will be automatically resized to fit. Note that you'll need to customize CSS to make this visible (requires AppA Pro).
  • appaCustomNavigationBackgroundView (UIView)
    • A custom background UIView that will be placed under the navigation bar. Will be automatically resized to fit.
  • appaStyle (AppAStyle)
    • A basic chrome style for AppA. May be set to AppAStyleLight for a light appearance or AppAStyleDark for a dark appearance.
  • appaShowAds (BOOL)
    • Currently unimplemented.
  • appaDebug (BOOL)
    • Set to TRUE to display debugging information in the console, or FALSE to suppress it (the default).

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